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swisselectronicmusic is an internet platform that gathers all swiss players involved in the electronic music culture and that, thanks to its global positioning system, enables a fast and easy identification of events related to that culture taking place in switzerland or abroad.

swisselectronicmusic fosters exchanges between artists, professionals and aficionados from the electronic music environment.

swiss artists can publish various audio and video creations, announce events and concert dates, learn the auditors' and viewers' opinions or create synergies with other artists and professionals. they have access to a directory of professionals from the swiss artistic environment and can therefore contact them to promote their work and develop their projects.

professionals can use the platform to announce events (festivals, parties, concerts or others) and, as well, discover and contact emerging artists.

music and visual arts aficionados can, thanks to the artists, listen to and/or watch works, as well as post comments and vote for their favorite videos, songs or artists.

additionally, they have access to the comprehensive calendar of not-to-be-missed events that take place in switzerland or abroad; including a map that enables them to locate the events fast and easily.

the why's of swisselectronicmusic

there are many talented and creative artists in switzerland; swisselectronicmusic enables these to make themselves known and to exchange and gather information on a single platform.

swisselectronicmusic informs swiss artists about their rights in matters of music or videography.

swisselectronicmusic informs the public about innovations in electronic music and its visual art forms, announces events related to that environment and makes new artists known.

swisselectronicmusic enables artists to spread their work, to present the electronic music culture and, as well, to create synergies with other players from this environment.

swisselectronicmusic takes part in the promotion and the acknowledgment of swiss artists that evolve in the whole country.

swisselectronicmusic is an artistic platform with freedom of speech where all passionate people can express their impressions and their top choices.
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